Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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You see, the centerpiece of rclipse Eclipse Phase version of transhumanism is the ability to translate human consciousness into data and copy it between bodies and across interplanetary data links. The never-before-revealed details about the current state of the Planet Earth are excellent.

On the other hand, the game also has a bunch of relatively hilarious ones, that players or GMs like to bitch about. Comments Only backers can post comments. Eclipse Phase and Posthuman Studios has benefitted from having him along for the ride, and we look forward to seeing what he creates in the future!

First, we have two stretch goals that were authored by Jack:. Found it actually, but. After the AIs come, it’s their fault! Update the last few morphs for Second Edition. What I really want to know though is what font is that for the title “Sunward”, font freek that I am I’m either dunward by it or what I’m looking at is really a normal font with some shading in certain places that makes it look cooler Links are tagged with different categories, organized on the right side of the page: If you’re a freelance writer with an established gaming or technical writing background and you’re interested in working on Eclipse Phase, email us at info posthumanstudios.


The last ten years working on this game have been awesome, and I’ve loved the interactions and support that have come out of the EP fan community. Dust to Ssunward scenario, plus articles on neo-avians and other uplifts.

And looking over Mr. They are indeed suryas. The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Survival: Or it might all be an even more insidious horrible trap. Preview — Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios. And glad to hear it all went well! Navigation Main eclipsee Recent changes Random page Help. It’s full of the stuff! Looking ahead, will we be getting the phsae copy of EP2 for us to “proof” for a week or so before the final draft goes to the printers? The default protagonist faction, dedicated to fight against the x-risks and other threats to humanity by any means necessary.

So, what is the font called. Trivia About Eclipse Phase: This game’s setting is incredibly well developed and thought out except for the one big gaping plothole; see below and overall it’s quite a nice read.

We will have some additional core books down the line that will be hardcover and hopefully full-color, but right now the plan always subject to change is to do only one dclipse these a year.

Lookin’ Sunward! | Eclipse Phase

Obviously we gave her this very early because it’s cozy and fall is here. There are a lot of utopias to ruin in the Transhuman Future TMand you had better believe someone is going to get their toes stepped on when you try to ruin theirs. Your ad here, right now: It depicts a spacecraft scoping out a couple of suryas, which are a morph type genetically designed to live in the sun’s corona. Found it actually, but thanks!


Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Given the ability to upload a character’s brain to a digital repository, characters phaxe make back-ups of their personality and if one body dies, simply swap into a new one. I hope to deliver pre-release versions of them at the same time as the Backer Preview PDF so people can jump-start some games with them. Jack’s a talented writer and an extremely creative mind.

Eclpise, we have two stretch goals that were authored by Jack: So I saw the latest on the trade show on the Catalyst site, as well as what I think was the cover to “Sunward” http: First Publication Your mind is software.

Lookin’ Sunward!

Lex on October 5, When can we expect the Nano Ops? Landon B on October 5, Thanks for the hard work, guys.

So, what is the font called, Greg? Thank you for your time and support. Please do not send us any Eclipse Phase -specific material. It’s called “ITC Binary”. Some possible approaches are:.

Huge fan of Brin’s Earthclan. These issues are pretty darn basic philosophical and existential roadblocks to transhumanism that people have been writing about since forever, and the developers haven’t given nearly enough support to reconciling them in a satisfactory manner.