Deko / Deko v ReadMe; Deko v ReadMe; Deko User’s How do I find my System ID for my Avid video product?. Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News. The Avid Deko system provides a rich set of tools for efficiently defining and delivering compelling broadcast branding, with time-saving features such as.

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Creative and delivery functions can exist as a transparent process in the production chain. Allows you to use multiple clips on a single graphic. We have hundreds of reseller, dealer and hire company users with the biggest range of new and refurbished broadcast, film and video equipment from either dealer, reseller or private selle r.

Post Deko may not be the right tool for the job. Broadcast Equipment Ceko Copyright tv-bay limited – all trademarks recognised.

All graphics, motions, and effects, including 2D DVE-style transitions, can be on air instantly in full high-definition or standard-definition resolution. Deko3D effects can now be created and feko in a more traditional manner enabling back-to-back transitions and support for automated workflows.

I was a font magpie! Knowing that now costs or so it feels a lot better now.

Now you can import HD models and animations created in 3ds max and map live, editable Deko layers for a flexible choice in 3D playback! In Liquid it 0300 but the overall functionality was better in Liquid. And from just a titling tool expands it a lot more to a broadcast tool. Even from the drko. I have to get my hands more on Marquee and push it. Fri, May 29 7: The used broadcast video equipment market needs a central location to advertise all the video equipment for sale.

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Instead of importing individual. KitPlus has provided the most comprehensive portal to all of the equipment from all of the dealers around the globe. Deko 3D integration is designed for fast ramp-up, without requiring advanced skills and complex modeling tools. And TD Pro stays open all the time. Adding the plug-in architecture allows for Deko users with Objex to take advantage of the plug-ins originally created for DekoCast. Tools to allow simultaneous work in both 4: Let me move this in my Avid programs backup.


Simplifies playout and enables maximum speed and accuracy in critical on-air environments. Deo you are looking for broadcast news or news about new pro video or 0300 gear then KitPlus is the right place for you.

Remove the complexity and time-wasting when creating eye-catching animations. Reinforce your channel brand and capture audience attention with sound. Advanced newsroom workflow The field-proven Deko graphics workflow provides access to all news staff, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors in newsroom graphic production and playout, while promoting station integration and accommodating the unique needs of broadcasters.

The ability to add avie, borders, edges, and such is what I miss with the title tool. Deko thrives on the fast pace of live sports events, live entertainment programming, and newsrooms, and is available in SD, HD, or Hybrid configurations. Subscribing to this service will add your email address to our main database and you will then receive marketing information from KitPlus and our partners.

Easily insert animated branding elements such as logos and station IDs into live graphics and templates. Pierre dekl Miquelon St. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Great for live news, sports and elections! From Sony Broadcast products to used disc drives the site has it all.

AVID DEKO HD CG Character Generator

Increased efficiency in newsroom production and playout. This will give your output an organic and dynamic look, without a time consuming creation process. Stored animations are not tied to the character count, so effects will always play the way you expect, regardless of last minute changes.


In a standalone environment a single MC edit station doesn’t require the collaborative workflow described above. Although used broadcast video equipment can reduce your investment broadcast equipment is never cheap, with the massive choice of video equipment available on tv-bay you are sure to pay less. Thu, May 28 Richard Payne talks about what guests saw on day three of IBC Simply subscribe to recieve the agid email containing updates and additions to broadcast equipment on the site.

Render sophisticated Motion effects to video file or targa series. They play in addition to the full-resolution clips and can be animated with all the signature Deko effects. All graphics, motions, abid effects, including 2D DVE-style transitions, can be on air instantly in full high-definition or standard-definition resolution ClipDeko option Internal clip player that plays multiple clips per channel with Motion Timeline control, transitions, and scaling – each supporting fill, key and static matte with infinite and 3-point loop capability Greater visual impact; no need for an external clip player – saves money and space Synchronized audio clip playback included with ClipDeko option Add embedded audio or linked.

The training process is fast and ensures a skilled and confident staff.

This will quickly and easily bring in your broadcast graphics and effects to your post environment. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next.

More powerful and flexible graphics workflows through custom interfaces and remote interaction from any PC location.